Don't Just Take Our Word For It!


Sheri Winston: RE/MAX Around Atlanta agent since October 2005


The decision to join RE/MAX Around Atlanta was based largely on my relationship with the owners, Kristen and Megan.  I worked with them at another company and admired their work ethic and professionalism.  As brokers they strive to equip their agents with the latest tools and techniques for success in selling.  They are constantly in touch and ready to teach.  They are knowledgeable and reliable.  They stood shoulder to shoulder with me in the many situations that have come up through the years involving other agents, clients, and other brokers.  I appreciate their dedication to my career and their readiness to listen and offer advice.  Above all the integrity and intelligence of Kristen and Megan sealed the deal.  I've never regretted or questioned my decision.  There is true value at RE/MAX Around Atlanta.


Tom Ash: RE/MAX Around Atlanta agent since May 2009


I really enjoy working at RE/MAX Around Atlanta.  We have a wonderful location that is convenient to the entire north side of Atlanta.  I have the technology and resources at my fingertips to keep me connected and stay at the forefront of today's ever changing real estate market.  The brokers, Kristen Jones and Megan Wyatt have created a work environment that is built to create success.  They both take the time to work with you, identify your needs and provide the direction you need to make the most of your real estate career.  Their unwavering dedication to training and career development has been an invaluable resource to me as a Realtor.  I highly recommend RE/MAX Around Atlanta to anyone looking to succeed in real estate.


Kelly Westrom: RE/MAX Around Atlanta agent since October 2009


I've been with RE/MAX for 12 years. I never realized the value of a smaller more intimate office environment until I made the switch from a much larger office. I have been very pleased with this transition and wish I had made it years ago. The brokers at RE/MAX Around Atlanta, Megan and Kristen, are extremely professional, quick and thorough with responses, and genuinely care about their agents being happy and productive. Growing the agents' businesses is a priority of theirs, which is so unheard of in this business. I never knew such opportunities were available within the RE/MAX community as I do now due to Kristen and Megan's expertise and drive to stay on top of all changes in this ever-changing market. Whether it is the latest iPhone real estate application to help RE professionals or upcoming changes to the GAR contract, Megan and Kristen are the first to be in the "know" and pass all information on to their agents


This office is a very positive and efficient work environment. I truly believe my business has grown and benefited from this switch.  I am very happy I am a part of such a well managed, professional, and productive office.

Jon Shapiro: RE/MAX Around Atlanta agent since May 2010 


I recently joined RE/MAX Around Atlanta after 15 years with another RE/MAX brokerage.  In an effort to get back to the core of what has made my family business successful over the past 19 years, I was looking for a good match for me between an aesthetically nice place to work and a feeling of a RE/MAX franchise that was in a growing "can do" mode.  Boy did I land in the right place.  I love coming to work every day where there is such a burst of entrepreneurial energy.  Last but not least is the brokerage team of Kristen Jones and Megan Wyatt.  I have done a stint as a broker of a RE/MAX office, and I have the utmost respect for how these ladies run this operation. The operation is very efficiently run, and there are simply none of the politics you can have with a more traditional company.  The agent-to-broker ratio is very good so help is readily available.  Please feel free to call me directly at 404-845-3050 if you have any questions.


Rick Kolb: RE/MAX Around Atlanta agent since May 2009


In early 2009, I made the decision to leave a job I had held with a national builder for nearly a decade to embark on a new career path. I chose to build a career in general real estate. Though I had a base knowledge of real estate I was able to pull from, I still had no clear direction, and did not possess a clear understanding of what was necessary to be successful in today's real estate marketplace.


Fortunately for me, I had forged a relationship with Kristen through my previous position, and opted to go ahead and sign on with RE/MAX Around Atlanta. This was truly one of the best decisions I have made in my professional life. From day one, Kristen and Megan took me under their wings, and began to show me what I would need to do to achieve my goal of becoming a successful Realtor.  They offered extensive one-on-one training, showed me how to get the most out of the tools available to all RE/MAX agents, and made me feel right away like I was part of a family. I have already grown to love what I do, but the people I work with on a daily basis in the office make it that much more enjoyable and rewarding.


In short Kristen and Megan, made what could have been a very stressful and unpleasant transition, a very positive one. They are always willing to offer their help and advice, and I have always felt as if we were all working towards the same goal --personal and professional happiness.














Crystal Canaday: RE/MAX Around Atlanta agent since August 2008



I joined the RE/MAX Around Atlanta team after my previous brokerage closed down.  I never even considered joining a RE/MAX office until a former RE/MAX agent at my old brokerage told me about the two great brokers at RE/MAX Around Atlanta with whom she had met.  Joining RE/MAX Around Atlanta has been one of the most positive experiences in my real estate career.  RE/MAX has an abundance of training for its agents.  There are systems in place for agents to receive leads from the RE/MAX site and they give you a contact management system to keep in contact with those leads and any others you might have.  The design center provides pre-designed marketing materials such as flyers, post cards, greeting cards and virtual tours that can be completed with the click of a few buttons.  This has really cut down on the amount of time I spend creating marketing materials.  My first closing with RE/MAX Around Atlanta was a call in lead and it was for $1.1M!  I am currently working with multiple other buyers from the RE/MAX lead system.  How's that for surviving in a down market?  I love the team spirit and the broker support.  


I recently celebrated my one year anniversary with RE/MAX Around Atlanta.  It has been the best year of my real estate career!  A lot of my success is due to the world's best brokers Kristen Anclien Jones and Megan Pafford Wyatt.  Unlike so many brokers, they take an interest in their agents.  They do everything and anything they can to help us all be our best. They are always on top of the latest real estate technology.  If you don't quite understand the technology, they don't mind helping you find your way.  The characteristic that stands out most for me is the broker support.  I will never forget the first time I needed help, immediately.  It was late on Friday evening and I was preparing to leave for vacation early Saturday morning.  I emailed Megan before going to bed to tell her my situation.  The next morning, my phone rang around 8:00.  Of course, I am thinking who in the world is calling me this early!  To my surprise, it was Megan calling to give me a solution for my problem.  She wanted to be sure she caught me before I left.  This was only about a month after I joined their brokerage.  I knew that day that I had truly found two rare jewels in the world of brokers!  Recently, I had an issue with a design piece on Main Street.  I emailed Kristen and Megan about it and simply asked if they thought someone in Regional IT would be able to help me.  Before I knew it, I was copied on an email from Kristen to the person in IT explaining my issue and asking to have it fixed.  I'm talking I received this email within minutes of sending my email.  Now, that is first class service!  Other brokers would have just told me to ask and see what they say.  I worked in the corporate world for 13 years before getting my real estate license and I was with two other brokerages before coming to RE/MAX Around Atlanta and never have I met anyone who genuinely cares as much as Kristen and Megan.  I know I have found a home for the lifetime of my real estate career. 











Carol Cranford: RE/MAX Around Atlanta agent since May 2007


Megan and Kristen are hands on Broker/Owners. Their passion is to train their agents to be the best they can be. I highly recommend them for their positive approach to the business and to their sales associates. It is a pleasure to work for Brokers that are there for you and relish in your successes. They have a vast knowledge of the real estate business and continue to learn more and pass that on to their agents.